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Brandon Green

CEO of Strata Fitness Enterprise Inc. Fitness Professional, Muscle and Exercise Specialist

With all my experience  working with professional athletes, people recovering from injury and seniors as a muscle and exercise consultant, this is my way to apply all this for you, the drummers!


My goal is for you to improve your physical performance and decrease risk of injury so you can play the drums for life!

April 7th, 2018 2pmET

Free Educational Webinar with Brandon Green:

Prevent Back Pain from Playing Drums

Learn drum set related anatomy and assessment procedures to prevent back pain from being a drummer

April 7th, 2018 2pmET

We Will Cover:

  • Explore Spinal Structures Related to Drumming

  • Discuss the Role of Muscles in Mobility and Performance

  • Enhance your Playing with Maximum Mobility

  • Personalized Assessment Process to Avoid Pain

  • How to Modify your set up if you have back pain

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